Find Out Why Many Are Making the Move to Gig Island

GigIsland is a virtual space where gig buyers and sellers buy and sell freely as part of a powerful community of individuals and businesses that realize the value of making services and goods available to others at pricing that allows everyone to benefit from them while sellers earn an income free of normal marketplace obstacles.  On GigIsland community members come from all around the world.  You can buy from and sell to people from over 180 countries worldwide!

Coronavirus Update: Meeting the Challenge of Today's Stay-at-Home and Work-from-Home Mandates

Many people have dreamed of the ability to work from home for many years while others have worked long and hard to create vibrant storefronts.

In today's world we have all seen the need to be able to work from home. Some of us want to be able to keep doing that even in the future while others can't wait to return to our stores and offices. Whatever the case may be for you, you need more avenues to be able to work from home and grow your business so you don't have to rely upon things being open but also to supplement your standard business. Gig Island is your answer. Gig Island is always open for business. No matter the situation in the rest of the world Gig Island provides a constant access to clients that you can service right away helping keep your income stream strong even in the most trying of times.

Submit Idea

We are here for you and we want to know how you think GigIsland can better serve the needs of our community, especially you! Simply go to the contact page and share your ideas with us. We promise we'll give them serious consideration.

GigIsland is Safe

Other sites would have you believe you have to pay them not the sellers in order for the transactions to be safe.  Paypal and other similar services already offer a high degree of customer protection.  For a variety of reasons though, you can also pay directly via the site.

To read more about safe purchasing on Gig Island, click here.

Life is Better Here

No commissions*, no buyers fees, no blocking accounts arbitrarily, and most importantly a fair chance for all sellers to have their gigs become hits!  We're building superstar sellers. If that's what you want it to be like then join GigIsland and you'll see that life is better here!

Make the move today to Gig Island and you'll find you are in good company.

* Credit card transaction fees and nominal handling fee apply when payments are made directly via the site.

Be a Superstar Seller

We treat every seller as a valuable asset to the GigIsland community. In addition to randomly featuring gigs to help get them to the maximum amount of potential clients, we've created easy and inexpensive ways for sellers to stand-out and become superstars. 

For example, verified and featured status is just a click away.

Make Money on the Island

Everyone has a skill, a piece of knowledge, a talent that others could benefit from. What's yours?  Browse the site and see what other GigIslanders are offering. Get inspired and start your first gig. Before you know it, people will be paying you to put your abilities to work for them.

Get Your Gig Island Citizenship!

GigIslanders realize that we all have talents, abilities and services that others can benefit from and the others have the same to offer to our benefit.  As a registered GigIsland user you are also a ''citizen'' and have access to the entire community of talented individuals. We are a true island-nation made of like-minded inspired people, aspiring together for greatness! We help each other and help ourselves at the same time. Don't forget to share  your new citizenship on Facebook and help bring more skill sets to the Island!

Grow Your Existing Business

Create an account for your business. Offer introductory services / products as gigs as well as per-hour or per-task gigs that represent your full body of services or offerings.  Through GigIsland's unique system you can get feedback every completed gig.  Not only will this bring you more business from the audience on the site but it's also an amazing business card and portfolio for potential clients anywhere.   Remember, you can have current clients book your services through Gig Island and get good reviews to attract more clients all while not paying any commissions or fees as you continue to bill them directly. Now your business can reach the world and grow exponentially! Open a location here on Gig Island today!Start here.

Be a #1 Seller

Make sure your gig has a clear description, a unique image and a reasonable price.  Consider a lower cost ''sample gig'' to allow clients to sample your services before committing to a large project.Verify your account and consider a featured listing to get more clients, faster.  Just go to your active gig and click the ''feature'' button.

Be Safe on Gig Island!

If you have not done business with a seller in the past and they do not have many reviews then consider using our platform for your initial transaction, even if the seller requests elsewise. We won't release the payment to the seller until your job is satisfactorily completed. While we allow communication off-platform, sellers should not insist on this -if they do let us know..  If you communicate off platform and they make strange requests or attempt to make changes from what you agreed upon do not accept and let us know.You are never alone on Gig Island. Our island community protection team  [email protected] is always ready to help. 


Post up your service (''gig'') for users to view. When a user decides they want to purchase your service, they will fill out a task request with any special instruction they’d like to give you. Both you and the buyer will be sent a confirmation email along with contact details. You can then contact the user with details on how they should transfer payment to you.

After you have received payment from the buyer, mark the task request as Paid. Then, when you have completed work on the task, mark it as Completed. The user will verify that you have completed the task and mark it as Confirmed.

What are you waiting for?